Bison Plant Pot


Bison Plant Pot - "the European bison is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world. With less then 3,000 animals remaining in the wild, it is even more threatened than the black rhino. Furthermore, there is still not even one single long-term viable bison population in the wild..."

A collaboration with Lesley McShea and newcomer Clare Parkinson. Clare’s ability to  capture the true essence of the animals is remarkable and purposely left raw and brooding. Made from Vulcan Black Clay attached to pots hand thrown by Lesley they make for beautiful and unique plant pot holders. Look stunning with grasses and cactus or you can pretty then up with flowers of your choice. 

Actual plant pot size 14cm H x 12 cm W. (Each pot is indvidually handmade, there will be slight variations )